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About Police Dive

Police Dive is a short film about an underwater criminal investigator based in Richmond Virginia, USA. Sgt. Mike Berry, the godfather of Public Safety Diving, takes us underwater with him as he reflects on his 40 year long career. 

Our team uses a Gates Alexa 35 housing to follow and capture the SRT (Search and Recovery Team) as they work underwater retrieving evidence needed to solve crimes. From high-resolution cameras to action cameras, we have the right equipment for every situation. 

Our team uses state-of-the-art monitors to review and analyze the footage captured by our cameras. Our monitors are equipped with advanced features like split-screen mode, which allows us to compare footage from multiple cameras at once. We also use portable monitors to view footage on the go.

In addition to cameras and monitors, we use a range of specialized lenses and accessories to capture the evidence we need. From Arri Master Prime to Tokina Cinema Zooms,our lenses are capable of capturing clear and detailed images in even the most challenging conditions.

Our team uses a variety of power and media products to ensure that our equipment is always ready for action. We use high-capacity batteries to power our cameras and monitors, and we always bring backup batteries to ensure that we never run out of power. 

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